NECO SSCE Timetable

Exam Session:


Current available timetable: 


Important Dates

Please note the following important dates.

Registration Start Date: 

December 18, 2023

Registration End Date: 

June 3, 2024

Late Registration Period: 

June 4, 2024 - June 10, 2024

Exam times are updated when officially announced by the official examination body.

Exam Start Date: 

June 19, 2024

Exam End Date:

July 26, 2024

Who takes the exam?

Candidates in their final year of secondary school take the NECO June/July examination.

The SSCE is divided into two types;

SSCE Internal: For candidates in their third and final year of senior secondary education.

SSCE External: For candidates who are not in the school system, i.e. private candidates.

76 subjects are usually examined in the SSCE Internal, which are categorized as follows:

  1. Compulsory Cross-Cutting Core Subjects
  2. Science and Mathematics
  3. Technology
  4. Humanities
  5. Business Studies and;
  6. Trade/Entrepreneurship.


NOTE: All candidates must offer the 4 cross-cutting compulsory subjects. Candidates are to offer 3-4 subjects from their area of specialization and 1 elective outside their field of specialization provided the total number of subjects is not more than nine (9). The minimum number of subjects is eight (8)

Time tables

Current timetable year: 



We only post official timetables when they are released by the official examination body i.e. WAEC and NECO. Timetables should be updated within 24hrs of their official release. 

On mobile phones it is advisable to download the PDF timetable for better viewing.

Schools and Candidates should note the following:

  1. Where the time on the question paper differs from the time on this timetable, the time on the question paper should be strictly adhered to.
  2. For physical education and auto mechanics practical paper i; french, music and arabic paper iv, the specific venues for the examination should be confirmed from neco state offices.
  3. Practical in sciences, stenography, computer studies & data processing can be in sets where the number of candidates is large, and the equipment cannot go round.
  4. Visual arts paper iv [creative design] should be given to candidates at least one week before the examination date.
  5. Welding & fabrication engineering craft practice should be given to candidates at least three weeks before the examination date.
  6. Nigerian languages (hausa, igbo, yoruba, edo, efik and ibibio) include literature aspect.
  7. Albinos and blind candidates are to be allowed 30 extra minutes at the end of each subject.
  8. Blind candidates must make use of the NECO supplied OBR customised braille sheet for the examination.
  9. Dyeing and Bleaching IB, Photograph IB, Painting and Decoration IB, Printing Craft Practice IB, Leather Goods Manufacturing and Repair IB, should be given to candidates at least two weeks before the examination date.
  10. Use of a scientific calculator is allowed.
  11. Bringing into the examination hall electronic communication gadgets (programmable calculators, mobile phones, ipads, tablets etc) is strictly prohibited.

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NECO timetable and subject combination varies based on your field of studies.

There are four compulsory NECO Subjects:

  1. Mathematics
  2. English Language
  3. Civic Education
  4. One trade Subject (Marketing)

NECO Subject combination for Science students:

  1. Mathematics
  2. English language
  3. Civic Education
  4. Marketing
  5. Chemistry
  6. Physics
  7. Biology
  8. Choose two from Agricultural Science, Geography, Computer Science/studies, or trade subjects to complete your nine subjects.

NECO Subject combination for Art students.

  1. Mathematics
  2. English language
  3. Civic Education
  4. Marketing
  5. Government
  6. Literature In English
  7. R.K/C.R.S
  8. Choose two from Economics, commerce, or trade subjects to complete your nine subjects.

NECO Subject combination for Commercial students.

  1. Mathematics
  2. English language
  3. Civic Education
  4. Marketing
  5. Financial Accounting
  6. Commerce
  7. Economics
  8. Choose two from bookkeeping, office practice, C.R.K, or trade subjects to complete your nine subjects.


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