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Who we are

NUCIS stands for ‘Nigerian University and College Information Service’. 

Our services support young people making post-secondary school choices, as well as those applying for postgraduate studies by providing information, advice, and guidance to inform and encourage educational progression to university, college, or polytechnic.

The spark

Lack of a trustworthy and reliable platform where aspiring students could easily access higher education information so they may be better equipped to make more informed choices about their futures. 

One of the main challenges we face is the amount of outdated, and inaccurate information that can be found online about higher education in Nigeria. We have just begun the journey to becoming that reliable source of information, and the road is still long ahead but we hope that you will support us in tackling this great task.

“Student First Service”

NUCIS was created with the aim of helping students aspiring to higher education in Nigeria by providing them with a trustworthy one-stop-shop information database service that would be able to answer most of the questions they have on the road to admission. Students should be able to see a clear path to their future if we want to create a better tomorrow.

Every feature of this platform was born out of the intent to help answer questions students have had on the road to admission to higher education in Nigeria;

“What courses does this university offer?”

“What subjects are required to study X?”

“What university offers X?”

“Can I get into X course with my results?”

“What options do I have in Y state?”

…and many more.

Key features

Our platform has over 19,000 programs from over 900 institutions nationwide and is equipped with features to help our users maximize their search potential.

NUCIS has four strategic objectives:

  • Improve access to information and advice for Nigerian and international higher education candidates so they can make better informed choices.
  • Deliver trusted and reliable higher education information for the digital age. 
  • Be the go-to place for higher education data-driven insights.
  • Connect the world to Nigeria’s higher education. 

There are many routes to higher education. By showcasing the options and choices available to students we hope we can help make alternative options like colleges and polytechnics more attractive to prospective students.

Advertising opportunities

NUCIS offers a suite of marketing solutions designed to help our partners reach our growing student audience; these include strategically placed online advertising, email marketing, social media, and more.

Our marketing solutions are aimed at helping universities and colleges with student recruitment, as well provide relevant businesses the opportunity to reach Nigeria’s student demographic.

To get in touch with us about advertising opportunities use our contact form and select “Advertising” as the subject of your message.


The information found on this site is for general educational information only. This website is not to be used as a substitute for official admissions applications.

We endeavour to be as accurate as possible with the information presented on our site and strive to keep it up to date. The information on this website is gathered first from official sources where available (NUC, JAMB, NCCE, NBTE, WAEC, NECO, etc) but also from unofficial sources. 

NUCIS.ng makes no warranties nor express or implied representations whatsoever regarding the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, comparative or controversial nature, or usefulness of any information contained or referenced on this Web site. NUCIS.ng does not assume any risk whatsoever for the use of this website or the information contained herein.  Educational information in Nigeria is often outdated, inaccurate or changes frequently and therefore information contained on this website may be outdated, incomplete or incorrect. 

nucis.ng reserves the right to make modifications and/or corrections to the information on the website at any time without notice. In using this website you agree that neither nucis.ng nor any other party is or will be liable or otherwise responsible for any decision made or any action taken or any action not taken due to your use of any information presented at this website.

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